Big day for Benthic Labs

             © School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, UCC, 2003


Today was a very exciting day here at Benthic Labs with a couple of big news stories.
Firstly, we featured in the business section of the Irish examiner with our team mate, Gavin, looking very fetching in the accompanying photograph (above). We are delighted to have gotten some national exposure and we have a number of people to thank for their assistance.
Thanks to Mary Heap for the photo shoot, we felt like pampered movie stars. A huge buíochas le Eoin Gubbins who wrote and submitted the article to the Irish Examiner. We would like to thank the staff at UCC for submitting the press release and for contacting journalists about our story. And finally we are grateful to the Biochemistry department at UCC for allowing us to use the laboratory for the photo shoot.
We anticipate further media coverage in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

Our second story of the day had our CEO, (and chemist) Russell, hopping around like a child at Christmas. Our long and anxiously anticipated delivery of hagfish slime arrived this morning. It was taken from its packaging slowly and methodically by most of the team. The tension and excitement made it feel like a bomb disposal!
The jar of slime (below) was quickly whisked off to the chemistry lab where Russell and Cian spent the day working their magic trying to purify the protein from its accompanying mucin.
We hope to run tests on the protein while the biologists await the DNA required to transform the bacteria. Look out for progress updates in the coming days!



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